What does it take to create the ultimate in-home space for video gaming? Serious gamers are looking beyond a fast PC to help them compete in the gaming arena. They have come to realize their physical surroundings help them become more immersed in the game environment. Single screens or multiple screen arrays, coupled with acoustical treatments, backlit displays, powerful sound systems and specialized seating, all add to the experience that many gamers are finding enjoyable in an in-home gaming room.

Of course, the essentials begin with a powerful Gaming Console or PC based on the gamer’s preference. Couple one of these with a robust network connection and the basics are in place.

Immersive Video

Gaming consoles like the XBOX or Sony PS4 (PRO) generally support only a single monitor with the newer versions supporting 4K gaming. A single large display with a high refresh rate and 4K capabilities or multiple screens wrapping the gamer, will create a great gaming experience. If 3D gaming is desired, be sure the display supports the needed 3D technology. Our AV Systems Specialists can help you navigate the specifications to find the best choices among the options.

Unlike gaming consoles, PC-based consoles can be outfitted with multiple video cards that can support multiple monitors. This generally requires video software such as “Eyefinity” or “Surround” that works with specific video cards to give the player the full screen across all displays. Not all gaming PC’s support multiple screens but can be outfitted the same way as the gaming consoles using a larger single display.

Realistic Audio

Realistic audio puts the gamer in the middle of the action and is critical to the gaming experience. Many gamers use high quality headphones while others prefer a more traditional audio system like those found in their media rooms or home theaters. Most games today provide full multi-channel surround sound which add even more to the immersive experience. Of course, robust subwoofers further enhance the effects, providing a dimension that can not be duplicated with headphones or TV speakers.

The Perfect Gaming Room Environment

A gaming chair provides a comfortable place to sit for hours on end, without feeling tired. These chairs provide lumbar support and, in some cases, vibrators that can be integrated with the game for a truly immersive 4D immersion.

Another critical factor is lighting. Many gamers prefer to use backlight behind the displays to reduce eyestrain and softer indirect lighting around the room to eliminate any glare on the screens. Completely dark rooms or overly lighted spaces are generally not preferred as they increase eye fatigue.

As with a Home Theater or Media Room, overly reverberant acoustics are distracting and reduce intelligibility, so acoustics treatments and sound proofing are also essential to the space. The “quieter” a room is, the more the game audio can be heard. For gamers with serious audio systems, floating or uncoupling the room from the home structure will greatly reduce the noise for those outside the room. As a home theater design professional, we provide this level of acoustic design and sound management expertise to our custom theaters and can guide today’s serious gamer through the process. Investing in this space offers added benefits however as the room, with its exceptional audio, video, lighting and acoustic features, can easily transition into an exceptional and immersive Home Theater experience.

Ready to get gaming? From simple to sophisticated, we can help create the perfect gaming room for you! Grab your controller and give us a call!