Experience a masterful theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. At La Scala, we work with you and your interior designer/builder to ensure a fully immersive viewing experience for all your movies, sports events, and concert shows. Whatever your dream home cinema, our team of professionals will advise, design, and deliver.
Not all Home Theatres are created equal. La Scala prides itself on their track record of providing an exciting and memorable experience. The honours we’ve been awarded validate our work.

Your life is not going to be the same once you experience the unmatched quality of home theatre system entertainment delivered by La Scala Integrated Media of Vancouver. We put our experience, skills, and dedication in combination with award-winning acoustic technology into the home theatre systems we provide, to give you, your family, and friends an incredibly exciting experience.

La Scala offers complete turnkey solutions for a home theatre that will change the way you experience sports, movies, concerts, or gaming. We not only ensure you get the latest and greatest technology, but we also look to the future to make sure that as time goes on, you will be able to make upgrades as you desire, without issue. We make use of our specialization in the design, installation, and management of home theatre systems, to make every home theatre system one that we are proud of.

Unlike other companies who seemingly spend little time planning and executing the installation of what they call ‘home theatre systems’, we spend time designing a home theatre system with your needs in mind. With our award-winning expert team of specialists right here in Vancouver, you can be certain that the home theatre services you receive will be outstanding.

We are the specialists in residential home theatre installation services.

Custom Home Theatre Design

As we said, our services are ‘turn-key’. We carefully analyze your space to create the appropriate design, including 3D renderings, millwork design, precise audio/video placement, etc. We also take care of the lighting fixtures and seating.

Unmatched Video Experience

We make use of the latest video technology for dedicated home theatre rooms. Selecting the right projector and screen is also a critical choice for an immersive experience, so everything is chosen according to the environment and performance level required.

Surround Sound

For a truly outstanding home theatre experience, the sound must equal the video in quality. To ensure this, we choose specific speakers for your space to achieve exceptional performance levels. In addition, the appropriate amplification equipment ensures that the speakers perform as intended.

Experience the highest quality of sound and video in your personal home theatre with the leader in the industry – La Scala Integrated Media – “The Art of Technology”.