About us

Not only does La Scala have a continuing education program for its staff; but it also the leader in providing informational seminars for designers, architects, and builders who want to learn more about what ‘Smart’ technology is all about, along with all of the other options La Scala provides. By having these seminars, our working relationships with all of these professionals is strengthened, and the ability to provide better information to their clients is too. Since technology is constantly changing, refresher seminars are truly valuable to all.

Clients are also welcome to attend these ’lunch and learn’ sessions, but will probably get their best information during a one on one with our system design consultants.

Examples of Seminars held:

  • Building Quiet Environments
  • Control Systems impact on ‘Green’ Building
  • Lighting Control
  • How automated window treatments can provide convenience, security, and lower utility costs
  • Home Integration and Automation for Convenience, Comfort, and Safety
  • Hidden and Hiding Technology
  • Planning For Residential Electronic systems
  • Structured Wiring For The integrated Home
  • Home Theater design & Construction
  • Home Technology within The Design Build Process
  • Home Audio Made Easy – Residential Speaker Solutions

We invite you to go behind the scenes and learn from Mike Chorney, our President, as to why it’s about listening to our clients, understanding how they’re going to live in their home and how they interact as a family: “It’s not what we do, it’s not what we say; in the end, it’s how we make people feel, and that’s a big, strong part of our culture here.”