case studies

Silver Winner, Integrated Home  |  2011 CEDIA Awards

This 25000 sq.ft. home was developed over 30 acres and is located in the Interior of BC. It was inspired by old-world European architecture and interior design. We managed technologies to run the home, outbuildings and guesthouse, while keeping the aesthetics clean, authentic and to character.

Included in this project were 32 zones of audio, a music server, a Mac Mini to manage content, and 10 media centres including two full theatres – one ten seat, 7.1, 123” perforated masked screen, the other scissor-lift projection, and a 100” retractable screen. We integrated the 176 zone alarm system, 126 lighting loads, 23 shades, boat house, hot tub and 28 HVAC zones. Other devices controlled included: 14 fireplaces, hot tub, independently controlled heated spa chairs, lap pool and cover, infinity pool, steam room, gas lamps, water features and 12 water sensors.

The client controls their system through in-wall and wireless touch screens intuitively operated by all members of the family.