“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”  – Leonardo da Vinci

For simple, seamless integration of all your home electronics, trust in La Scala’s 26+ years of experience. We build each and every interface to be easy to use and responsive so that all your home functions can be controlled with the touch of a button.

What is an interface? The means in which you control your control system – typically through visual and tactile cues. These include touching buttons on a screen that shows various features related to your electronic systems, telling the control system to change a setting.

Whether it’s a remote control, keypad, smartphone, touch screen, or tablet, La Scala combines the latest technology with your personal preferences to create the perfect interface for your needs.

Examples:  Turn on your sound or T.V., lower the blinds, turn on the lights to a particular level, set the temperature, check a surveillance camera, turn up the temperature in your hot tub, check your security system.

How you use your system is going to be based in part on how easy it is to “interface” with it. The setup is key to making your experience a pleasant one.  Anyone trained technician can program a touchscreen, but only a true craftsman can produce a screen view that is easy to navigate.  Of course, there are many ways to do this.  Our experienced technical staff aim to provide an interface that matches your particular needs and also your style of using electronics.

We understand how fast technology is changing and how confusing choices can be. Almost all control systems now offer a seamless interface with Ipads and Smartphones. What is key in deciding which system makes sense for you is the day to day ease of use. Mobile devices are great, however in many situations there are good reasons to include a dedicated control touch screen. We’d be happy to help you explore all possibilities to ensure you get the best possible experience.