What is a control system? How would you like to be able to ‘control’ your lighting, shades, security, surveillance, sound, video, heating and air conditioning, hot tub, pool, entry, or any other electronic devices, from a wall mounted or handheld touchscreen (ipad), or remotely using any wifi network? La Scala can make it a reality, and make it straight forward and simple to use.

There are many choices for control systems in the marketplace – some manufacturers and installation firms making lofty promises and boasting great value. Essentially there are only two levels of choice for control: ‘In the box’ solutions, and custom solutions. ‘In the box’ solutions take the perspective that the average homeowner is ‘fine’ with a pre-specified control capability. These solutions do not include specific control over certain equipment, can present some difficulties in terms of simplicity, and are not as elegant in execution or often in quality. Should custom control elements be required, such as a specialty spa or unique feedback or monitoring, fully customized open architecture systems provide far more flexible and user-friendly solutions. Custom solutions are typically offered by more experienced firms like La Scala. La Scala can handle the complexity on the ‘back-end’ so that in contrast there is simplicity for the user on the front-end.

We offer both levels of systems depending on your needs and tastes, and we believe each solution has its place. Depending on the goals and expectations of the homeowner, an open-ended system might make more sense. As long as it is professionally designed, installed, and supported, it can provide greater functionality and be more adaptive to changes as they occur. We work closely with our clients from concept to creation to provide the system that best suits their individual needs.