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What are the Advantages of Custom Motorized Window Shades?

As chic as they are functional, motorized window treatments provide elegance and convenience to any space. They harvest natural daylight in sleek, sophisticated styles.  Motorized window coverings integrated into your home’s automated system make life easier, especially since many can now be controlled with your smart phone or tablet.  And, as they have become more popular in recent years, an added benefit is the increased value they bring to your home or office space.  But that’s just scratching the surface.


There is a fabulous array of styles and custom solutions available that will complement any setting.  Aside from the huge variety of colors, patterns and weaves, the types of coverings are also extensive, ranging from pleated to honeycomb and roman shades to automated draperies.  Motorized treatments are even available for skylights, vertical and bottom-up applications for a unified design across all openings.

A 2017 trend is “clean”, multi-layered window treatments, pairing simple drapery panels or sheers with blinds or shades for the perfect combination of light and privacy.  As a CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) professional, we’ll partner with your Interior Designer to create an expert blend of technology and design, pairing the right combination of weave and color with exquisite patterns and luxurious textures.

Another design-friendly benefit is the prevention of fading of fine furnishings through the UV protection properties of the shades. Aside from the practical aspects, the design applications seem endless! Window treatments no longer rely on wired connectivity and power. Battery-operated units allow for use on doors and other applications where wiring is not possible.  Motorized shades and draperies are not confined to windows either. Imagine the drama of elegant draperies parting at the touch of a button to reveal your home theater screen! Or being able to install a hidden drop-down projection screen in front of a window thanks to having black-out shades! For more ideas, visit our gallery.


Energy-saving is a prime function of shades. They are designed to both harvest daylight and block generated heat, offering substantial reduction in costs.


Window shades promote biophilic design, maximizing sunlight while reducing glare and fatigue.  While natural light is often sought to fill space however, according to a recent blog in ASID’s icon, “…sometimes natural light is just too bright. Blocking it out can be as important as letting it in. New innovations and technologies in shading are making it easier for designers to obtain the optimal balance of highly sought natural light and much needed light control.”

Another people-friendly feature is serving as nature’s alarm clock.  Imagine the peaceful, subtle awakening to the natural glow of sunrise.  Shades can be set to open gradually in the morning and close again at sunset.

Safety & Security

An important advantage to motorization is the lack of chains or cord pulls that entice children and pets, posing a serious safety hazard.  Another advantage is in your home’s security.  Just like programming lights to go on and off throughout the day while you’re away, shades opening and closing simulate a lived in look, deterring break-ins.


Shades are an elegant solution for privacy.  They are perfect for hard-to-reach windows such as those surrounding your garden tub, an elevated vaulted ceiling area or featured stairwell niche.  In a space with multiple windows and French doors, this is a tremendous convenience and time-saver. And some fabrics even offer a one-way weave, blocking visibility into your house or hi-rise without interrupting your view to the outside.

In an office environment, shades are a simple solution to transforming glass-enclosed conference rooms into private meeting spaces.  Coupled with their acoustic properties, they also contribute toward privacy compliance measures.

If you’re considering updating your window treatments, consider not only integrating them into your home’s design, but into your home.  Let us show you why LaScala is “The Art of Technology” and how shades can transform your home or office.

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How to tech-out the most important rooms of your home

Incorporating smart technology into your favorite rooms creates aesthetics and luxury in any home.

Style and comfort are crucial to any home’s design; and implementing smart technologies into your design plan can provide a custom solution that gives you full control and accessibility of your favorite spaces. Equipping key rooms in your home with technology can provide endless comfort, while still complementing your individual style.

Keeping your style in mind is key. Seamless built-in panels, hidden television units and in-ceiling speakers are just a few ways you can customize your audio, video and lighting experience, without compromising your rooms’ style.

With the proper technology in your design plan, “you can have full control of the technology in your room, and around your house for that matter, from the convenience of your bed.” For instance, by discreetly enclosing television in a beautiful cabinet that matches your décor and in-wall speakers covered by your custom paint or wallpaper, bulky and aesthetically unpleasant equipment are hidden.

But this trend expands beyond just your bedroom. Imagine catching your favorite show while you’re in the shower, or checking up on your home’s surveillance video while you’re cooking dinner. More and more, homeowners are deciding to add technology in their bathrooms and kitchens – ensuring continuous accessibility at an arm’s length.

Finally, don’t forget your favorite outdoor spaces! Integrated lighting, video and audio technology are just as important in your indoor living spaces as they are the outside. Mood-lighting and discreet surround sound speakers can provide the same level of comfort and style in any livable space.

Call us to discuss your indoor/outdoor wish list!

OLED is Flexing its Muscles, and its Design Capabilities!

On-Wall displays, once avoided by the Interior Design Professional at all costs, has thrust itself into the realm of stunning artwork, worthy of being featured, not hidden.  OLEDs of 2017, consuming less power than LED TVs, offer striking blacks and brilliant whites from surfaces that are no thicker than a credit card!

While the video technology’s curved, flat or even “wallpaper” configurations allow for incredible flexibility in design options, audio solutions have become equally as creative.

For example, LG’s newest OLED Wall-Paper, introduced at CES earlier this year, is so thin and light, it actually mounts to the wall with magnets, leaving no room within the display unit for AV control, connection ports or audio.  Their solution is an external shelf-like sound bar, mounted just below the video display which boasts Active HDR with Dolby Vision as well as spectacular Dolby Atmos for the sound.  You may imagine that professional installation is needed.  While some embrace the sleek design, others would prefer a less conspicuous solution: and perhaps it’s in the works.

Sony jumped back into the OLED arena, introducing its new Bravia A1 OLED TV, which turns the glass front into a speaker! The “Acoustic Surface” vibrates to create audio. The super-thin design also means there’s no need for a traditional stand. Instead, it features a pop-out lean stand similar to that of a much smaller tablet.

Samsung deviated from OLED by developing QLED which features “reinvented Quantum Dot technology.”  Truly designer-friendly, it comes with “invisible connection” for nearly undetectable cabling. For audio they’ve developed the Sound+ soundbar with subwoofer, complementing their line of flat and curved units both aesthetically and acoustically.

Interior Designers can now embrace technology in design with OLED TVs that are beautiful whether on or off.  So, which is right for you?  Give us a call – we’ll help you navigate OLED!

CEDIA Awards 2015

Thank you to all of our team members and partners who put us in a position to win a total of 5 awards at the 2015 CEDIA exposition, including the coveted Future Home Experience Award. This is a record win for any integrator in CEDIA’s 27 year history!

CEDIA 2015 Awards

CEDIA 2015 Awards

Future Home Experience Award

Future Home Experience Award

Best Integrated Home - Level 4

Best Integrated Home – Level 4

Best Media Room

Best Media Room

Best Documentation

Best Documentation

Best Integrated Home - Level 2

Best Integrated Home – Level 2


Join us for a Garden Tour – June 21st & 22nd

Summer is nearly upon us and so it is time once again to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Many of you have invested heavily in your gardens, whether it was with blood, sweat and tears pruning the flora or perhaps you took a more laid back approach and had someone else do the dirty work. This weekend, La Scala wants to further inspire your love for getting outdoors and give you an opportunity to see what others have managed to achieve in their own gardens and what better way to do this than to walk 16 privately owned gardens as part of the Heritage Vancouver Society Garden Tour.

The Garden Tour, now in its 3rd year, has an eclectic selection of gardens, ranging from grand park-like estates to tiny townhouse gardens showing creative use of small space. There is a garden for all tastes on show including a hidden English cottage garden with Kai pond, a stunning contemporary house and garden, a garden created with salvaged materials and gardens that include fruit and vegetable patches…which one will be your favourite? The event runs from June 21 to June 22.

La Scala will be present at The Garden Tour in 2 of the 16 locations with the goal of showing you what is possible from a modern outdoor audio system. Each of the “La Scala” gardens will be discreetly equipped with a Sonance Landscape System, a system capable of producing jaw dropping audio quality without upsetting the aesthetic or balance of your outdoor space. Traditional outdoor audio setups rely on a pair of weather proof speakers installed on the back wall of your house or “rock” speakers attempting to hide in your planter beds. The problem with these systems is that they look awful on the wall and they tend to produce poor sound – too loud for those near the speakers and not loud enough for anyone further away. They also allow your neighbours enjoy (or not at all enjoy) your music selection.

Sonance Landscape System utilizes multiple discrete speakers and a below-ground subwoofer to produce amazing results, that are perfectly even and balanced no matter what part of your garden you are enjoying your cocktail in. The system also focuses the sound away from neighbouring properties, helping you maintain better relations with those next door. SLS is an infinitely expandable and customize-able system, allowing La Scala to do an outdoor audio design that is perfect for your home and we think there is no place better for you to hear the system before making your purchase.

Let La Scala come to your home and setup a Sonance Landscape Series Demonstration in your very own garden free of charge and with no obligation. Setup takes just minutes and we know you will be amazed at how good your own garden can sound.

For tickets to the event or to book your own private demonstration please contact:

Ian Burrows