We at La Scala take pride in every aspect of our work, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction throughout the entire process and for years to come. We appreciate you sharing your feedback with our staff as well as with other discerning home and business owners across British Columbia.


Dear Mike and Team,

You and your team are thorough professionals and demonstrate it in the job that you do, without compromising on your service. You do whatever it takes and costs you to satisfy your clients to the fullest.

You even went to the extent to have the President of the company involved and spending countless hours fine tuning my system. I can confidently say that LA SCALA wins an award every year because they put their hearts and souls into the projects they do. They do not run away when issues occur, which are normal on all projects, but effectively have them resolved.

It is a great pleasure to recommend La Scala to anyone seeking the “best” to suit their needs and budget.

All the best to your whole team,

Iqbal Kassam, Owner, Beach Avenue Project